Professional Expertise from Costumer David F. Draper

David is Flexible, Knowledable, and Smart

April 25, 1948 - September 14, 2021

Costume Design

With over 40 years experience, I have designed everything from 2 person modern shows to full-blown big musicals and everything in between.  I park my ego outside the dressing room, and work to achieve the director’s vision , while listening to the actors and still keep the show cohesive from my design standpoint.  I have worked with every personality type and keep from getting rattled during this process.  I believe that the show ultimately belongs to the director and that I am there to help tell the story through my costumes. (See David's Costume Design Resume)

Costume Draping

Again, 40 years experience working with a wide range of designers has honed my draping skills to what they are now.  I know how to handle fabric to make any designs work, and can very quickly spot and solve any fitting issues on the actors.  I work fairly quickly, and think through the entire construction process as I drape.  This makes for excellent shop time management, from first hands and stitchers through to finishers. (See David's Draping Resume.)

Groom Styling

This is a new phase of my work, but with changing marriage laws, more and more men will need a stylist for the big day.  I do not believe that a tux can cover all figure issues, nor that only brides should look their best for all the photos that will be seen for years to come.  This can include shopping with the grooms, helping choose the best look for each.  I have also had custom items (vests, e.g.) built.


I have taught college (as well as high school) students basic sewing skills, and taught draping for a quarter at U.C. Santa Cruz.  I enjoy working with students and get a lot back from them. As a L.O.R.T. A shop Manager for 25 years I could give a one off lecture on working in professional theatre, or teach a draping Master Class.  As a mostly self taught draper I have no idea if I follow the text book approach, but I do know how to create any shape for the human body.